Five couples return to DeWitt after ship malfunction


A stalled Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico captured the attention of a nation last week. But within hours of the breaking news, DeWitt County residents learned there was a local connection.
A fire on the ship left it helpless,  without power starting Sunday, Feb. 10. With over 4,000 people on board, a five-day attempt to reach shore became a nightmare.
Of that total there were 14 people from DeWitt County on board for a vacation to Cozumel, Mexico.
They were Mitchell and Terri Jank; Brian and Laurie Wendel; Dorren and Kim Clutter; John and Margie Swannack, Kevin and Beverly Bodden; and Johnny and Virginia Jank, all of Meyersville.
Members of their families kept friends and neighbors informed of the progress as tugboats pulled the massive cruise liner toward Mobile, Ala.
Conditions deteriorated daily and passengers were challenged by limited resources and unhealthy living quarters.
The ship docked in Mobile, Ala. late Thursday. The families were driven to Texas and arrived home Feb. 15.
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