Tractor judge impressed by CHS ag entries


Dear Editor,
   In mid-February, I was blessed to be able to judge the tractor restoration class of the San Antonio Livestock Exposition Jr. Ag Mechanics Contest. This Jr. Ag Mechanics Contest is a state wide competition from which some 1,500 students participate. 
   The tractor restoration is a much smaller portion of the contest because of the amount of knowledge, time, and support that it requires to even be able to participate. Our small community entered three tractors this year. There were two teams and one individual from Cuero that had entries. Our small town had more entries than any other town in the state and the entries were some of the best in the entire exposition. I would estimate that each of the projects represented from 800 to 1,200 man hours to complete. These hours were both in and out of the classroom. 
Wes Dukes
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