Foul ball hits windshield

Dear Editor,

   It was a normal Tuesday and like any other person that works, I use my lunch hour to run errands around town. It was spring break week so I had my daughter with me along for the ride.
   We stopped by the library and then proceeded up Main Street to go to TDECU. As I turned left on Fain McDougal a loud crashing noise came from out of nowhere. The noise was so loud that I swerved almost running into the CBAT fence. As I slammed on my brakes and came to a stop I couldn’t imagine what had happened or where the loud noise came from. This is when I noticed that the tops of my hands, my legs, and the dash board were covered in little pieces of glass. I moved the visor out of the way only to reveal that a foul ball had hit my windshield with such force that it caved in about two to three inches and then preceded to roll off on to the road. 
Concerned with safety,
Tiffany Kurtz
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