KCB collected 20 bags of trash


Dear Editor,
   Tuesday, April 30 was the yearly Waterway Cleanup hosted by members of Keep Cuero Beautiful.  The cleanup for the last five years has been along the lakefront and surrounding area in Cuero Municipal Park.  
   This year 20 CIS students of Mrs. Christi Fuchs, several parents, and nine members of KCB teamed up to scour the designated area. After 45 minutes the group returned with 20 bags of treasures – or litter – including plastic bags, plastic rings, paper bags from a variety of fast food restaurants, styrofoam cups, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and tops-(separately) plastic fishing line, socks, flip flops, dead fish, gum, chip, and candy wrappers, plastic ink pens, wooden golf tees, and hundreds upon hundreds of cigarette butts. 
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Thank you,
Sara Meyer, Mayor
City of Cuero
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