Lost money at post office, hoping to get it back


Dear Editor,
   On Feb. 8, I was at Cuero Post Office about 12:30 or 1:30 p.m. I had gone to the post office to purchase money orders, got $40 cash (two $20s) from the clerk. Just came from the doctor’s office and was in a rush and I accidentally dropped the $40 near the post office boxes.
   I glanced and saw a lady on a cell phone and not realizing I had lost the money, I went to leave the post office to go to the drug store when I found I had lost the $40.
   I am disabled and a cancer survivor.
   I posted notes I lost the money and I told everyone in hopes the $40 would be returned.
   If you found it please give it to the Cuero Post Office counter help to be returned to me. 
   I will soon get another surgery.
God bless you!
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