Mayor Hernandez addresses community


Dear Yorktown Citizens, 
   I am happy and proud to report that the City of Yorktown has recently acquired $2,500,000 for the rehabilitation of all city streets within the very near future. You will first see street construction at the location of S. West Street between Highway 72 and Fourth Street within the next week or so. The rehabilitation of all other city streets will be scheduled and announced at a later date. Along with these new streets, I am encouraging all residents to take pride in your homes, businesses lets clean up, and work together to make Yorktown the best place to live. 
   If the issues and notices stated below do not apply to you, then I applaud you and your efforts in trying to make Yorktown what it used to be, clean. 
   As I look back to the time when I was a young boy, I remember how clean our little town was. Yes, they were much simpler times, yet everything was in order. The local establishments were neatly organized. All businesses were clean inside and out, free of clutter, and well maintained. 
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Rene Hernandez 
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