Wolf raises cattle on 850 acres


   In nearly 72 years, Wayne Wolf knows what it means to work and after all these years, he doesn’t complain.
   “I have lived a good life. I am still living a good life,” said Wolf.
   His father was Armin A. Wolf who died at the age of 71 in 1989. He was a cattleman and was in the commercial egg business.
   “I have had chickens all my life. He gave each of the boys a house, a chicken coop, but we had to pay for them ourself. We paid for the feed and everything. He never gave us anything. I was only nine years old,” Wolf said.
   “He used to give me all the sick young turkeys and I would raise them back to health.  I would work so hard to get them back to health and my dad would kill five or six turkeys just to see why they were sick.”
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