Mt. Vernon Mills asks for community's support


Dear Editor,
   We are asking for our community’s support. We are participating in a campaign. We are asking you to sign our petition urging our congress to stop outsourcing our jobs. This directly affects Cuero. Mount Vernon Mills has been in Cuero (under different names but doing the same thing) for over 100 years. We are very proud of this heritage. We want to continue to make our products here in Cuero. We need your help. We are asking you to stand with us by signing our petition. Every person, every signature makes a difference. 
   These past few years have been tough on industry. A tough economy has forced us to lay off beloved employees, cut hours, and lose sleep over how to make ends meet. Just as we have begun to pull out of these uncertain times, a new threat is approaching, the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, negotiations. These negotiations, which the United States is part of, could threaten over 500,000 American textile and apparel jobs if U.S. negotiators allow China, a non-TPP country, to use the agreement to import textile goods into the U.S. duty free. Mount Vernon Mills is right in the crossfire. If the United States agrees to open a back door for Chinese goods, the jobs of textile workers in Cuero, as well as elsewhere, will be at risk. 
   Not only does this agreement put our community at risk, it also puts our military at risk. If a bad agreement is negotiated, the U.S. textile industry will lose the capacity to manufacture the uniforms and protective gear of our men and women who serve bravely in our military. Those products which help protect hundreds of thousands of American soldiers will have to be sourced overseas in countries like China. It is imperative that, as a community, we tell the Administration and the Congress to keep the back door dosed on China during the TPP negotiations and to stop exporting American jobs. 
   Please take part in this campaign by signing our petition to congress and by spreading the word. Thank you for your time and support. 
   Petitions may be signed at the Mount Vernon office at 202 N. Gazzie St. or at the Cuero Record office at 119 E. Main St.
Gary Lane
plant manager
Mount Vernon Mills–Cuero
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