There is still a Samaritan in God's world


Dear Editor,
   In this struggling world with much difficulty, turmoil and crime, people have become more self-aware than aware of others. This is understandable when a world has to practice self-preservation against so many dangers.
   There was a time when a person could safely hitchhike across this nation and in the process meet many people and be met by many. There was a time when a person felt safe to stop and ask someone if they need a ride or help. However, the world we live in has changed with the multitude of predators. 
   But what about the person who is in dire need of help and cars keep just speedin by? Everybody minding their own business. “I can’t stop I’ll be late for work.” “I don’t know that person.” Or simply, turning ones head aside to say, “I didn’t see them.”
   My wife was in this situation. She needed help alongside the raod on her way to pick up clients in Westhoff. The cars just sped by as she tried to flag for help. Car after car, truck after truck kept driving by. 
   One man named Warren Seidel noticed her arm waving, thought, “This is not right,” and stopped. He took the time and a chance and turns out preserved a life, a wife, and a family. An ambulance was called and she was taken to Cuero Community Hospital, where they found her blood pressure was at stroke level.
   I want to thank Warren for listening to the spirit of God in his heart. This was not his normal route to drive, but something told him to go this particular way. I give praise to God for protecting my wife and our home. There is still a Samaritan in his world. Thank you sir.
Kevin and Suzanne Novak
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