Campos plans McAlister's retirement


   In 1966 he was only 16 years old when he began working in a bakery and now, after 47 years, Dan Campos, of McAlister’s Bakery, will be hanging up his apron and his hat July 27.
   “I really enjoyed dealing with the public and producing something that looks good that is appealing to the eye of the customer,” said Campos. “I am always creating and I never grew tired of the smell.” 
   Campos’ career started out somewhat in a fluke.
   “My brother had a part time job here [McAlister’s Bakery] and he did not want to do it anymore. So he gave it to me,” said Campos. “When I graduated from high school I was going to go to school at Del Mar to become an architect but they could not find my transcript when I would go over there. I got frustrated. At that time Mr. McAlister said that I could make a lot of money as a baker so he took me on full time.”
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