Over 760 barbecued chickens for Green DeWitt


Dear Editor,
   It takes an unbelievable amount of work to barbecue 767 chickens. The Green DeWitt Community Club chicken barbecue, a fundraiser to raise money to restore our one-room school house, was possible because our friends and members stepped up, lost sleep, braved the heat and provided the muscle and skills to get it done. At least 21 members and friends gathered Friday to season the chickens and more than 30 did a multitude of  jobs on barbecue day.
   There are so many people to thank: Everyone who bought chickens and picked them up in Cuero, Yorktown, Meyersville, Victoria or Green DeWitt; the special supporters who made donations in addition to purchasing chickens; the Cuero Record for publicity; Standard Printing for printing our tickets; Curtis Koenig for his knowledge, leadership of the barbecue team and hours of hot, hard work; Charles Nagel and Gene Carson for cooking breakfast for all the workers (some worked from 1:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.); the Meyersville Fire Department for the use of their barbecue pits; Robert Moore for lending  the cooler at Meyersville Store for chicken storage; Michael Rath for starting the fire at 1:30 a.m. and helping with every other job; Allen Hartman for lending his barbecue pit and then staying to cook; Melinda John and the Cooking Depot for handling last minute ticket sales; Harvey Mueller for matching our earnings; and other non-members or about to be members who pitched in everywhere they saw a need.
   Finally, thanks to the hardworking club members who organized, sold tickets, collected necessary equipment, made phone calls, seasoned chickens, hauled chickens, hauled wood, tended the fires, actually barbecued, cleaned up, wrapped chickens, delivered chickens, passed out the chickens at the pick-up spots, kept up with the accounting and did whatever job needed doing. They used their special abilities and contributed  just plain back-breaking hard work. I would say they were tireless workers, but I know, for sure, when it was over they were actually very tired.
   We still have much work to do before our restoration project is finished, but two major steps are completed. An improved and useful handicap ramp was completed with the help of Thomas Watson-donation of concrete; Joseph Kacir-welding; Gene Kacir and Arlen, Dickie, Bart and Garret Goebel for design and construction of the ramp. Our refurbished barbecue area is a delight to behold. Thanks to Bob Davis, we celebrated the Fourth of July with - what else? A barbecue on a spectacular new pit on the grounds of the school house.
   We invite you to rent the school house and/or the barbecue area for your next gathering. For rental information contact Sally Goebel at 361-275-6733.
On behalf of The Green DeWitt Community Club
Wayne Wolf
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