Thanks for caring, concern


Dear Editor,
   On June 27, I was involved in a serious accident while driving home that evening on U.S. Highway 183 S. 
So many nice people came to my aid and the aid of the other driver and passenger. There was a young man that came up to my vehicle, turned it off and made sure I was okay. The homeowner whose house the accident happened in front of stood with me to make sure I was alright while another couple of ladies called 911. A gentleman from Dunn Services brought out cones and a flag to direct traffic until the emergency vehicles could get there. Many others also offered their help and concern. 
   I don’t know who all these wonderful people are but I wanted to try in some way to thank them for being so caring and concerned. Now days we live in such an electronic world that we don’t tend to notice or care what is going on around us but these kind folks did and I am so appreciative of all that they did. I can only hope that some of them read The Cuero Record and see this heartfelt thank you.
Denise Hiebner
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