Let's fight for our kids


Dear Editor,
Yorktown, Texas. For five years I called this place home. It was brought a smile to my face going to work each day. While there, I met some good people and learned from some great teachers. I was proud of how we treated our kids.
Teachers cared about their success, in school and in life. They were able to connect with students, both young and old. Parents saw the positive impact these individuals had on the community. Whether in the classroom or on the field, Yorktown was a good place to be. Kids were successful. This meant teachers were successful.
Often we look at results in the simplest of terms. Did you pass or fail? Did you win or come up short? Look at the results. Those same students are still in Yorktown. The good teachers still care. However, several good teachers are moving on. Why? Let’s figure this out. Let’s fight for what’s right. Let’s fight for our kids.
Tim Scherwin
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