Vietnam Memorial hit again

 Yorktown Police Department responded to an another incident at the Vietnam Memorial site on Aug. 9.  

Sgt. Richard Ramirez responded to the scene of the accident approxiamtely at 6:50 a.m.
According to a report from Sgt. Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, 21 year-old of Yorktown, had a dispute earlier with his girlfriend and was agitated. While parked at the 500 block of East Main, directly across from the Vietnam Memorial, he accelerated out of the parking lot driving a white 2004 Nissan pick-up. He hit the historical marker and continued approximately 400 feet into a field. He grazed a tree on the left side of the vehicle, spun around where he then hit a tree on the right side of the vehicle. He continued where he hit a no parking sign spinning until he hit another tree head-on disabling the vehicle.
Sgt. Ramirez said that Martinez was not injured and was arrested and charged with reckless driving. 
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