DeWitt did not ask for more trade agreements


Dear Editor,
  In response to puzzled Robert Egg, I agree with the statement “Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.” My question is who in Cuero or DeWitt County asked for more trade agreements. I do not believe the Republican officials he is referring to were from DeWitt County.
  He mentions a trans-Pacific trade agreement, I suppose he is referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I think it is good that we have realized that these so-called trade agreements are really binding partnerships which give away some of our independence to some international bureaucrat. Yes, when it gets close to home, it is easier to see a problem. For far too long we have closed our eyes to what happens in Washington. All the so called “Free Trade” agreements have helped to send manufacturing and jobs overseas or across the border.
  Whether it was Bush or Clinton, Democrat or Republican, makes no difference, the internationalists from both parties are succeeding in transferring our soverignty to powers outside of the United States of America. Yes, this includes North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  As to voting Republican, yes, there has been a change in DeWitt County and Texas as a whole. I feel a change for the good. I would feel anti-socialist, anti-market regulation, capitalism and free market would be good American principles. Does Robert have a problem with them?
  In conclusion, voting Republican has made good sense. We can see the choice of Obama was a bad choice. Now our new 34th District Congressman Filemon Vela was also a bad choice. He rates only 10% on the Freedom Index while Republican Senator Ted Cruz rates 90% on the Freedom Index based on their voting record on Constitutional principles.
Obert Sagebiel
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