Let's all work together


Dear Editor,
  Many citizens of Yorktown are not happy with the condition of the streets, buildings, yards, etc. in our town.  
We are quick to point out what the city council and city employees should do; but, how many of us take responsibility for improving Yorktown? How many of us take time to pick up a piece of paper in the street or help a neighbor who may be unable to care for their landscapes? If we notice someone littering our city can we encourage them to help us keep our town clean?
  Yes, these are small fixes, but we need to start somewhere. We need to show that each one of us will help.
  The people of Yorktown are known for helping with projects when there is a need. Well, the “need” now is the respectability of our town.
  Let’s all work together to make Yorktown one of the cleanest and neatest towns in South Texas.
Dorothy Mayfield
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