We met a 'real Texan'


Dear Editor,

Have you ever met a stranger that reaches out and helps you?

We met one, along the Cotton Patch area in the intense heat of an August day in South Texas.

A flat tire along a busy stretch of narrow road was our dilemma.

Many eighteen wheelers, pickups, cement and gravel trucks speeded past. No one slowed down or stopped until a farm truck pulling an empty cattle trailer slowed, backed up, and stopped.

That was the day, we met a “real Texan.” You know, the kind you read about in the Louie La’Amour novels about the old West, where a man’s handshake is his word.

“You folks need some help?” he asked. He set to work with his tools and sweat to solve our serious problem.

Our offer of money for all of his effort was met with, “No, no, just helping someone else that needs it.”

Sounds a lot like the commandment: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Wouldn’t our world be a wonderful place if we could remember to help one another.

Thank you so much for helping us. We will act accordingly in the future.


Toby Valdez

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