Chivalry still alive and well in Texas


Dear Editor,
In July of this year, my 7-year-old granddaughter and I were at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport awaiting a Southwest flight to Los Angeles. My granddaughter was proudly wearing her new red cowboy boots and I pointed out a gentleman seated near us. He was wearing a red cowboy style shirt, a straw Stetson and boots. As we were waiting to board, he commented on her new boots which delighted her. As we chatted, he disclosed he was from Cuero. 
We boarded the plane and settled in. The flight was standing room only and the attendants began asking for someone to offer his/her window seat to a family with a small child who needed a window seat. The gentleman from Cuero who was going to LA to help his daughter move was gracious enough to offer his window seat to the family. Since the flight was totally booked, the flight crew then had to bump another crew member so that this nice person could be seated and be on his way to LA.
It was lovely that my granddaughter got to witness such an act of kindness. I don’t know this man’s name but I would recognize him if I met him again. Cuero and Texas should be very proud of him, whoever he is. I am proud to be Texan and my granddaughter is a “wannabe” Texan. Thank God chivalry is still alive and well in Texas. 
Junell Van Horn
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