Gerhardt-Marie Dueser reunion


The annual Gerhardt-Marie Dueser family reunion was held on Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Fire House in Yorktown. Approximately 35 people attended.
This year's reunion was hosted by the Elise Dueser Stoever family. 
After a blessing given by Walter Farmer, attendees enjoyed a pot luck lunch.  
Dorothy Dueser, wife of the late George Dueser and the only surviving spouse of the six children of Gerhardt and Marie Dueser was in attendance. It was announced that George and Dorothy's son, Douglas Dueser, was in the hospital recovering from major surgery. Everyone at the reunion wished him well. 
The newest member of the Dueser family, Leyton Schroeder, is the son of Whitney and Jeff Schroeder, and the great-great-grandson of Henry and Alvera Dueser. Leyton was born on August 23, 2012. 
Other youngsters attending were Olivia, daughter of Jamie and Mario Rios; and Hagan and Holden, sons of Chad and Katie Newman. They are all great-great-grand children of Henry Dueser.
Kayla Newman, the great-granddaughter of Henry Dueser, graduated from the University of Houston at Victoria in Dec.  2012 and is now teaching second grade in Cuero. 
Next year's reunion is to be hosted by the Annie Dueser-Ender Kirchoff family. 
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