"The Constitution is what makes us a republic"


Dear Editor,
Congratulations Daughters of America Revolution for recognizing Constitution Week. 
Yes, the Constitution is our very important document, sometimes referred to as the miracle of America. It is the law we should obey. It is what makes us a republic.
But when all three branches of government in Washington D.C. trample on it or disregard it by trying to solve problems with more government involvement, our problems get worse.
Remember the Constitution was written to tie down the federal government with limited powers and let the states and the people run their own lives. It boils down to free enterprise versus socialism.
Right now one of our biggest problems or socialistic train wrecks is the “unaffordable” Health Care Act, commonly called Obamacare. The other concern that comes to mind is the so called Free Trade Agenda. We should all remember that from Europe steel and coal agreement we now have the European Union, where individual countries have lost much of their sovereignty to a central government in Brussels.
Here at home we have the North America Free Trade Agreement NAFTA and now a progression toward a North American Union. And now our President is negotiating Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP with nations of the Pacific Rim and also Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP with the European Union EU. 
George Washington, father of our country, warned us against foreign entanglements. If we want to  retain our God-given rights and preserve the Christian principles that our United States was founded upon, then we need to follow our Constitution and reject these so-called trade agreements or partnerships and leave our trade controlled by our Congress, as stated in the Constitution, and not some distant international bureaucrat.
Yes, this year we celebrate the 226th anniversary of our Constitution. It is not outdated and if we would follow it and reject all unconstitutional spending we would have no trouble balancing a budget.
So lets celebrate Constitution week Sept. 17-23 and ask Congress to defunct Obamacare and reject any trade agreement or partnerships or whatever they might call the pacts that trade away our Independence.
Obert Sagebiel
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