Knee-high weeds noted at Hillside Cemetery


Dear Editor,
On a recent visit to my hometown of Cuero, I went to see my family’s gravesides at Cuero Hillside Cemetery, and I was appalled at what I saw.
A cemetery that was always mowed and neatly kept, now has knee-high weeds, tall grasses, and long grass runners covering its lots. 
My two cemetery lots (in “perpetual care”) have two nameplates and those nameplates were completely covered up with grass runners. I went and bought some clippers, gloves, and a rake and spent almost four hours cleaning up my lots before I needed to drive back to Austin, where I live. 
For those of us that have beloved family members buried at Hillside Cemetery, it is both heartbreaking and disrespectful to see such neglect. Which city department needs to step up and correct this?
Linda P. Jones
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