Motorcycle accident on State Highway 72


Two people traveling on a Kawasaki motorcycle traveling eastbound on State Highway 72 had an accident between Beamer Rd. and Woods Rd. EMS was at the scene cleaning the wounds of Jimmy and Glorian Fiddler of Yorktown. DeWitt County Sheriff’s deputy S. Carver and Sgt. J. Abbott were at the scene.
Jimmy, 55, and wife and passenger Glorian, 52, ran over a carcase that could have been fatal.
Jimmy said, “When I hit the dead animal my front tire blew out forcing me to go to the center of the road. I brought it to the shoulder where went down on our side.”
The drag was nearly 25 feet before coming to a halt causing some “road rash” on arms and legs of both individuals.
Glorian had sustained some injuries on her hips and both had some head injuries. They declined to be taken to the hospital.
Glorian said that this will not stop her from riding.
Jimmy said, “This is not my first rodeo. I have been riding since I was four years old.” 
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