Western Days a huge success


Dear Editor,
Well, another Western Days has come and gone.  It appeared to me to be a huge success this year.  I appreciate all the hard work and volunteer hours that goes into a festival like this.  I am not sure many understand what all it takes to put on a show like this for others to enjoy.  So my hats are off to the YWD Association.
Secondly, what a nice parade we had.  Parades are always a favorite of mine. I love waving to all the folks in the parade and admiring the floats and other decorating efforts.  What I don't understand are the people that have no respect for the color guard when they pass by in the parade with our flags.  I saw the following this weekend:  many, many adults could not be bothered to rise from their perches for a few moments to pay respect to our flag, most of them just played on their phones.  Many, many others could not be bothered to remove their hats as a sign of respect.  But what really gets me are the parents that have no respect for our flag and are therefore not teaching their tots to respect our colors either.  To them, the flag is just something to ignore until the good stuff comes along! 
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