YFD upgrades equipment


Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to keep you and the citizens of Yorktown and the surrounding area informed of our activities. The Yorktown Fire Department, with the protection of our citizens in mind, has decided to upgrade our Jaws of Life equipment which is now approximately 15 years old. This is an effort to stay upgraded to the safest and most efficient rescue tools available to serve the community. 
We have made this decision because of the increasing traffic and accidents in the area. We will maintain our existing set of Jaws as a secondary, backup system. We have ordered the new set of equipment including a new dual pump, cutter, spreader, air bags and rams at the cost of $35,000. This new system is compatible with the old and can be used together if needed. 
If anyone would like to donate to this worthy cause, contact William Potcinske at 564-3269 or Bobby Strieber at First National Bank of Beeville at 564-2257.
William Potcinske
Assistant Fire Chief
Yorktown Fire Department
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