Road rage blamed for wreck


At 11:46 a.m. on Nov. 4, Yorktown Police heard a crash just outside City Hall. The driver of a gold Ford Ranger hit the trailer in front of him being pulled by a 3/4 quarter ton white Ford crew cab. After investigation, the individual driving the white Ford was arrested for reckless driving.
The story unfolded when a witness came up to the scene of the incident. The witness worked for an oil company in the safety division. He informed police that he had been following the driver of the white Ford from the crossroads of Highway 72 and Hwy 87. 
Traveling westbound on Highway 72 the white truck was aggressively running up on vehicles and swerving to pass them. 
Just before entering Yorktown, a driver of a gold Ford Ranger accessed Hwy. 72 from near the Outpost going into town heading west.
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