Love couple asks for suggestions


Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the Cuero Police Department School Resource Officer for the great work she does for all the campuses of Cuero ISD. 
That being said, I would like to ask that she dig a little deeper on their investigations of incidents that happen in our schools. When you have a child that habitually causes trouble in classes, steals from the school and the cafeteria, (three times in one week) you would think they would be concerned that this child may need some time in a facility that would teach them that it is not good to steal even if it is food.
I am not accusing the resource officer of calling Children Protective Services, but it is a big coincidence that after this child talked to her all of a sudden they show up at my door, but the funny thing is while I was being accused of starving this child, the day he took a sandwich from the cafeteria he had eaten one of the lunches that Cuero ISD serves all of the other children but said it wasn't enough. The next day he stole a milk, while he had a full lunch kit with a Capri Sun in it, then the next day he lied to two teachers and a cafeteria employee to get a lunch tray from the cafeteria, because he decided that it was okay to eat his entire lunch during snack time, then lie and say that he was not given a lunch from home.
Nothing has been done to this child for the stealing or lying just to the people that work their buns off to make sure that this child has food and clothing and whatever else he needs. While I understand the concern for children and making sure they are taken care of and they eat and are loved, I say that the officer needed to do a little more investigating and instead of feeling sorry or having pity on this child, she should have taken better action to teach troubled children that it is not right to steal or lie.
If anyone has any suggestions the Cuero Record has my permission share my phone number and my email address with whomever wants to help us in this situation.
Thank you,
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Love
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