Nice Gobbler exhibit, but lack of accessibility at museum disappoints


Dear Editor,
Cuero citizens can surely be proud of the Cuero Heritage Museum’s Gobbler Football Exhibit. Hats off to Mike Weber and all who brought this exhibit this far. I know the following years from 1975 to the present year are being planned.
My experience being able to see this exhibit was somewhat disappointing, however, due to the lack of an accessible handicap ramp to enter the building. I am in a power chair and after leaving it outside the building, my family helped me up the steps. Once inside, Mike got a desk chair for me to sit on. It had rollers so I could be pushed around that way. 
There is a lift in the back of the building I could have used to get into the building but it was inoperable.
The exhibit was well received and attended. My family from Uvalde and Stephenville were very impressed as were others. The people in charge of the reception in the afternoon are also to be commended. They did a bang up job for a very large crowd. 
To top off the day, the 2013 Gobbler Football Team beat Gonzales. Go mean green!
In closing, I would ask the council to please address the issue of the ramp into this building.
Sarah Bell 
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