Boerm sentenced to 30 years


PRESS RELEASE - Judge Stephen Williams sentenced a Yorktown man to 30 years in the penitentiary for sexual assault of a child on Wednesday, Jan. 8.
Clifton Bryan Boerm was scheduled for jury trial beginning Monday, Jan. 6. Prior to jury selection Boerm pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child. Pursuant to a plea agreement with the State, Boerm asked the court to assess his punishment.
Under the deal, 30 years was the most that Boerm could get for the crime. Boerm was asking for probation.
The State offered evidence that Boerm had repeatedly assaulted a child under the age of 14 over the course of two years. The State offered additional evidence from two other child victims who had witnessed Boerm abusing the victim and who had themselves been victimized.
Judge Williams entered the judgement and sentenced after hearing the punishment evidence.
Boerm is 55 years of age and resides in Yorktown.
District Attorney Michael Sheppard said, “This is one of the most serious child sexual assault cases that I have had to prosecute and I am grateful to Judge Williams for sentencing the defendant to the maximum available under the plea deal.”
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