Thanks to all Christmas in the Park volunteers


Dear Editor,
We just finished our 13th year for Christmas in the Park, and we are more than pleased to say that it was our best year yet, thanks to all of you that came out to donate and enjoy our park.
The men are working hard to get it all taken down and put to rest for another year. It is always sad to see it come down even though we are all worn out trying to keep it up and running for the duration of the season.
Thank you to all that visited us and shared your donations, thoughts and happiness with us. It is truly a labor of love for us to open our hearts and our city to all that come through. We have a lot from out of town that come just to see our Park and share their oohs and ahhs with us all. This is why we do this and all the hard work and planning and ideas and yes all the problems and trouble that we experience. This is a love for each one of us.
There are so many that we have to give thanks and credit to for all of their work, blood, sweat, tears, and even freezing. We had to have extra help this year, not only because we all are growing older and slower, but as you could tell, it is growing. I will start by thanking the December Events Committee for all the long hours of planning and all the work and hours they spent on this event.
First of all, thank you JoAnn Edge for all of your hard work and long hours on the phone making sales and ordering and keeping everyone happy with their order. This is a big job and you do it to the best. Then I need to thank Mary Polansky for all of her hard work on her publicity and getting our event out to the public and our event out in every place she could find. Great job, it paid off. Alton Meyer for all of his hard work with the finances and keeping all of us in line. Great job, Alton and thanks for putting up with us all. Vicki Coppedge needs a huge thanks for her hard work on making sure that our calendar is filled with volunteers on greeting our visitors and taking donations, so that we won’t have to be doing it every night. Our newest member, Diana Rhodes, has really helped by going above and beyond her part in helping the guys, driving over in the cold, taking donations many nights, and just being a big part of our group.
To the rest of our committee and all of their help and volunteering their time for meetings and greeting the visitors.
There is no way that I can thank the men of our group enough and let them know how much they are appreciated for all of the hard work that they do for Christmas in the Park, if not for them we would not have this event. Thank you Tony Allen, Buzz Edge, Alton Meyer, Clint Dillion, Gerald Clark and Jim Hedrick for all that you do, and for your great job and dedication in truly making us a success. We were blessed this year with extra help from some city employees, this made things go up a lot quicker and took a load off of our “Grumpy Ole Men.” Thank you to the men from the Parks Dept., Maintenance and Electric Depts. for all of your hard work and dedication. Thanks to their supervisors for sharing them, and to the ladies from the city office that decorated the “Gingerbread House” and front gate. Thank you City of Cuero for all the extra help.
We can’t forget our “Men in Blue” and all the extra help we had to have from them on controlling the traffic and making our deposits for us two times each night. The traffic was a good thing but having to make three lanes just shows us that in the end, it was worth it all.
We did have to close one night due to power outage due to a big truck, it was sad, but the first mishap in 13 years, we could not complain.
As we pack it all away for another year we thank you all and to all a good year.
Kay Lewis
Christmas in the Park
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