New playground equipment purchased for city park


Construction on the Cuero Municipal playground is underway. Playground equipment has been removed. The next steps include removing pea gravel and fencing. Installation of new equipment will begin Feb. 3. Work on a green chain link fence will also begin at this time. Once the fence is complete, work will begin to construct a walking trail along the inside perimeter of the fence line. Then engineered wood fiber surfacing will be installed.
Two play areas are planned, one for younger children and one for older children. New playground equipment includes swings, a merry-go-round, a see-saw, tilted sky runner, volcano climber and locomotion with shade. 
The total amount of GameTime equipment and installation was $267,800. The city applied for a grant for matching funds in November that was accepted by GameTime. Other costs for the playground revamp include $10,200 for decomposed granite; $6,600 for six tables and trash receptacles, lids and liners; $11,800 for a green chain link fence; and $4,200 for green powder coat landscaping edging. Total cost for renovations is $300,000. A grant for the Cuero Development Corporation will pay for $95,000, with the remainder being paid for by the city.
Parks representative David Danish said he expects construction to be complete before Cuero ISD releases for spring break.
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New playground equipment has been purchased for the city park. Shown is a model of the play area for older children. Construction at the city park is expected to be complete before spring break.
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