Yorktown and Pettus battle it out


The Yorktown Wildcats won their first district game after taking the Pettus War Eagles 66-54 at home Jan. 14.
The Wildcats had a slow start in the beginning. Many of their attempts to score were nowhere near the rim. After a brief time out called by Yorktown coach Scott DeMarco, the team settled down and points quickly were put on the board ending the half with Yorktown in the lead 36-30.
As the Pettus team returned to the locker room one of their teammates said, “They are really good. They are really good.”
The second half the game was very physical. The referees spent a lot of time pulling a player to the side to cool their heels in an attempt to break the tension that was brewing between players. Fouls were more intentional going beyond the play of the game. 
DeMarco said, “There were some hard fouls and some that were not called. The kids were frustrated but handled it well for the most part.”
With two minutes left in the game the intensity nearly broke out into a fight between these rivals. Pettus started to close in on the Wildcats 59-53. DeMarco called for a time out.
“They have a couple of kids that could shoot so we went man-to-man. We can’t do that for long,” DeMarco said. 
The Wildcats shut down the War Eagles from scoring and extended their lead for the win, 66-54.
DeMarco said, “I told the kids that this was a good test for us with all the adversity.”
Team stats: Offense went 37 for 88 baskets, 12 turnovers, and 2 rebounds. Defense had 12 steals and 27 rebounds.
Yorktown Wildcats (1-1, 9-7) play Three Rivers Bull Dogs (1-1, 8-4) away on Jan. 17.
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