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Dear Yorktown Community,
Please accept my appreciation of your hospitality and support during my first few months as the newly appointed Executive Director of Western Days and also the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation in Yorktown. I am excited to serve the citizens of Yorktown and beyond as we “spring forward into the future.” 
I welcome the opportunity for you to stop by 141 S. Riedel St.  Our office hours are 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. As we begin our journey I encourage you to renew or begin your membership by joining the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and/or Yorktown Western Days Association. These organizations exist through the participation of its members. I urge you to join and/or become an active participant as we proceed with our projects throughout the year. There are many opportunities for you to contribute please call or stop by to find out to join in our efforts. I look forward to working with and serving the proud community of Yorktown.
 Tammy Bitterly
Executive Director,
Yorktown Western Days Assn., Inc.
Yorktown C of C & Agriculture, Inc.
Yorktown Economic 
Development Corp., Inc.
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