Wildcats lose two in a row


The Wildcats played Three Rivers away Jan. 17 losing the game in the fourth period, 54-58. 
The Wildcats had the lead for the first three periods. Going into the fourth the Wildcats were ahead 45-42. 
Into the fourth period Three Rivers outscored the Wildcats by seven points taking the win by four.
Yorktown coach Scott DeMarco said, “We missed free throws in the fourth. It was that simple.”
The Yorktown Wildcats traveled to Kenedy on Jan. 21. The loss from Three Rivers must have followed them with a vengeance as they lost 47-61. 
The Cats struggled in the first half only scoring 13 points against Kenedy. Yorktown coach Scott DeMarco responded that they had played poorly.
In the second half Yorktown played head to toe with Kenedy but were never able to shut down the Kenedy offense to catch up from behind.  
The Wildcats return home on Jan. 24 to play the Runge Yellow Jackets. Yorktown and Runge are tied for fourth place. 
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