Compassionate and professional care


Dear Editor,
My wife and I recently met some new friends during the sad process of saying goodbye to an old one. Our beagle, Maggie, developed kidney cancer and finally reached the point where she had to be put to sleep. We took her to Cuero Veterinary Clinic where we met Dr. Koby Reitz, a fairly new addition to our community, and his staff.
They were all extremely caring and compassionate, as well as very professional, as they went about their duties making sure Maggie’s pain ended gently and peacefully. They not only ministered to our pet, they extended their compassion to my wife and me as well. They made what was a very difficult time for us a little easier to bear. They even took the time to sign and mail a sympathy card which we received a few days later.
I realize all this fuss may seem silly to a lot of people – those who have never taken an animal into their home and their heart until she becomes a member of the family. I would like Dr. Reitz and his staff to know, however, that it meant a great deal to Pam and me. We are grateful for your kindness.
Bill and Pam Matthys
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