"He's amazing": Cuero woman gives unexpected birth


When Brittany Garza received an urgent phone call to return to her doctor’s office following a CT scan on Jan. 14, she didn’t think she would leave the hospital with a child. She didn’t even know she was pregnant.
It was easy for Garza to shrug off symptoms of her pregnancy. Since she was 14, several doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to have children. She was diagnosed then with polycystic ovary syndrome. Still, she said she had been experiencing unknown symptoms for several months. 
“I went to the doctor in October, I didn’t know what it was, but I knew something wasn’t right,” Brittany said.
“She looked it up on Google,” said her husband Daniel Garza. The couple has been married 10 years.
“When I would look [my symptoms] up online, [pregnancy] was always listed as a possibility, but I overlooked it. I didn’t give it a second thought,” Brittany said.
“I even went to the optometrist to get glasses because I was having bad vision, which I later learned is a sign of pregnancy,” Brittany said. “There were a lot of things going on that I knew weren’t normal.”
In December, Brittany underwent an MRI. Doctors thought she might have a pituitary tumor. But that was ruled out.
“Then in January, I went in for a CT [scan] in the morning,” Brittany said. “The technician didn’t finish the scan and I didn’t know why. I went home and within an hour, the doctor’s office called me to go back in.”
She expected the worst. “Of course, I thought I had cancer or liver cirrhosis,” Brittany said. She took Daniel to the hospital with her. “If I was going to be told I had cancer, I wanted Daniel to be with me. I was scared and crying and everything. I didn’t know what was going on.”
Her doctor told her the scan revealed she was pregnant. The staff performed an ultrasound and Brittany learned she was in the late term stages of pregnancy. But amniotic fluid was low. After an emergency C-section, Daniel Lee Garza Jr. was born at 5:40 p.m.
How did it feel to learn she was pregnant the same day she delivered her son? “It was overwhelming,” Brittany said.
The couple had no time to prepare but Brittany said they received support from her family and the community.
“[People] gave us all of the things we could possibly need –– a crib and all of that stuff. We had people we didn’t even know giving us stuff. We’ve had a real overwhelming show of love from people.”
Nearly a month later, the couple seems to have adjusted well to parenthood.
“He’s perfect,” Brittany said, before cooing at her baby. “He’s simply amazing. He fake cries and it’s really cute.”
“I’m just excited,” Daniel said, “When we first got together, that was one of the things she told me, that she couldn’t have children, and I was okay with it.”
“But he was elated,” Brittany said. “He’s the kind of person who deserves to be a daddy. He’s a good dad.”
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