CHS restored tractor entries impress Cuero judge


Dear Editor,
This past weekend I had the privilege to judge part of the Junior Agriculture Mechanics Contest at the San Antonio Livestock show. There were more than 500 projects there and Cuero was represented very well with two of the most outstanding projects in the show. One was a restoration of a tractor that was 95 years old and the other was a 18 wheeler cattle trailer that looked like it came from a factory. 
I am not going to name the kids because as a judge, I have had to learn to disregard the kid’s names and strictly look at the projects. But I do want to say that these young people from Cuero High School were the most polite and came from good teaching. That includes all the teachers but especially the vocational ag teachers and of course the teaching and the support that they got from their parents.
In a day when we seem to be so critical of the teachers and the curriculum, there is still something to be said of teaching students to work. There were many hours of sacrifice and sweat that went into these projects. Many hours by the students and many hours by the adult advisors and parents. Some of the projects were family projects and some were by single individuals. The one thing in common was that the project was a goal that was set and was completed and the project was a reflection of the teaching and care that each student received.
I understand that Cuero had one project that had a last minute problem that kept it from making it to the show in San Antonio. This does not mean that it was done wrong or that the kids and teacher were a failure. They are back working on it as you read these words and tearing it down in order to have it ready for the Houston Stock Show. A disappointment, yes. But not a failure. Mechanical things break down but this, too, is a time for the students to learn. When things run as expected there is great pride but when there is a problem then it is a great opportunity.
I say thanks to all the young people who represented Cuero so well and thanks to the teachers, and parents for their great examples. I know that all will be working hard to get ready for the next competition in Houston, and many will have livestock projects here at our upcoming show. So good luck and know that you are winners.
Wesley Dukes
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