Customers can expect high utility bill


The City of Cuero is informing its customers that electric utility bills will possibly be higher than normal due to the extremely cold weather during the last billing cycle. 
This increase is due to high usage by heating units and heaters having to work overtime to keep residences and businesses warm. There was approximately 20-plus days at or below freezing this last cycle. There were several days that stayed extremely cold all day long. “This has been one of the coldest winters in a long time” said city manager Raymie Zella. 
“Based on the way we buy our wholesale power from LCRA, we are protected from a spike in the power cost due to rising fuel prices. Our fuel rate is set once a year in July and it remains pretty flat throughout the year. Small adjustments have to be made for line loss. Setting your thermostat at 68 to 70 degrees is the recommended setting in cold spells and even lower when no one is at home. Every degree you can lower your thermostat will mean savings for the customer. The hot water heater also uses twice as much electricity in the winter because the water temperature can be in the 40 degree range where as in the summertime; it arrives at the house at 80 degrees or higher.” Zella said. 
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