'Always something new to learn' in officiating


Roland Wiederaenders wrote, “An umpire's understanding of the game advances in fits and starts. It's the experience of working the games, of living through the plays, the calls made judging the outcome of the plays, and the reactions of coaches/players/fans to the judgment calls. This is the well-fertilized ground in which an umpire grows,” (‘Get Serious!’ www.Officials.com).
Yorktown resident, Dickey Rodriguez, was born and raised in his earliest years in Lubbock. It never occurred to him that    his life experiences and learning from those decisions could shape him to be an official in high school sports.
Rodriguez’s family were migrant workers. 
“We went where the work was. Summer time right after school we chopped cotton until two to three weeks before school started,” Rodriguez said. “As we grew older we did less and less.”
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