Nordheim residents seek support to prevent construction


Residents of Nordheim asked for county support Monday to prevent construction of a reclamation system near their city. Also the county named a new veterans service officer.
Looking at a 31 item agenda, one of the first discussions at commissioners court meeting dealt with proposed oilfield solid waste dumps near Nordheim. 
Nordheim resident Gilbert Pargmann spoke explaining that Pyote Reclamation Systems, LLC is seeking permits to build reclamation facilities. One is less than a half mile from Nordheim’s city limits.
With several residents from Nordheim in attendance, Pargmann said they were asking to court to pass a proclamation that could be given to the State Railroad Commission. The proclamation is asking the state agency to deny permits to Pyote for the reclamation facilities.
He said the residents are against the facilities because of possible noise, water, air, chemical, dust, bad odor, and increased traffic that would result.
Two town hall meetings are scheduled this week, one in Nordheim and the other in Yorktown, to address these facilities.
In the proposed proclamation presented to the county, the residents indicate the county and local groundwater district has limited power to regulate the facilities. They are asking the county to help them get the Railroad Commission to deny the requests.
County Judge Daryl Fowler said the proclamation will be presented to County Attorney Ray Reese for approval and then it will be voted on by commissioners court.
In other action the court appointed J.C. Hull of Cuero as the new indigent health care coordinator and veteran’s service officer for the county.
Hull will soon be in training for the positions.
County Extension Agent Denise Goebel presented information encouraging county employees and residents to participate in an eight week walking program known as “Walk Across Texas.”
The first meeting for the project, open to the public, will be Thursday, March 20, at 5:15 p.m. at the county annex in Cuero.
The court also appointed County Treasurer Carol Martin as the county’s wellness coordinator and Judge Fowler as wellness sponsor.
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