Trustees report new principle, student director


Following a closed session which lasted just a little over an hour, Yorktown ISD trustees unanimously voted to name current Yorktown Elementary School and Junior High Principal Sylvia Hernandez as director of curriculum and student services.  Likewise, the board also voted 7-0 in favor of granting a one year contract to Sharon Chapman as the new elementary principal.
President Mark Weischwill called the meeting, which was held on the same night as open house at Yorktown ISD, to order at 6:30 p.m.  The board went into closed session at 6:31 p.m. to discuss the three-item agenda:  1) principal position;  2) curriculum director/student services position;  and 3) consider, discuss and take action on adjournment.
Hernandez and Chapman, as well as 12 guests, were present for the meeting.  All seven board members were present:  Patti Harbers, Barry Watson, Keary Perez, Mark Niemeier, Todd Metting, Nelda Sertuche and Weischwill.
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