Restoration commended


Dear Editor,
Honorable Rene Hernandez
Mayor, City of Yorktown
The City Administration is commended for its efforts in the restoration of the former location of City Hall at Main and Riedel due to the historic significance of the location.  Not only did First National Bank, which occupied the site, have its roots in the early years of Yorktown, but the site was later acquired by the family of President Lyndon B. Johnson and later given to the Yorktown community.  
During that time, City offices were located in the building as the bank moved to its new quarters.  This new location, constructed on the site, features impressive architecture, another asset to the city by the family of the late President.
Rare are there small communities such as Yorktown receiving Presidential gifts.
The location deserves historical designations both from state and national heritage preservation entities.
John E. Janacek
Former 45 year member
DeWitt County Historical Commission
Yorktown Historical Society Life Member
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