Grateful for community's support through difficult time


Dear Editor,
I want to take moment to thank all who participated and contributed to the St. Michael’s Christmas Bazaar on my behalf. I was so touched my the tremendous outpouring of support for myself and my family. There were so many who donated items, worked, and volunteered in so many areas. This could not have come at a better time to help with expenses.
I have been fighting cancer on and off for four years now. This last year has been a struggle because we have exhausted our resources. Insurance only covers so much and many of my treatments have been experimental, which means insurance will not cover or pays much less. During my radiation treatments, I had to go to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston every day. Needless to say, the past year has been financially, physically, and emotionally draining on my family.
Thanks to your support and generosity, we made it through. Words cannot express how much your donations have meant to me and my family. 
Please support the following business who helped with donations: Aviation Credit, B-B-Que Station, Dairy Queen, Donut Palace, KN Drive In, Leske Oil, Longhorn Restaurant and Monster Burger. 
Special thank you goes out to Judy Roeder and Brenda Martin for organizing this benefit on my behalf. There were many more donors who chose to stay anonymous. May God bless you for your generosity. Thank you all who came out in support and thank you to those who worked that day or sent contributions.
I am doing well. My last two check ups have been cancer-free. I go to Houston once a week and am on a new medication and shot regimen. This, along with your prayers, is working. I am grateful for each day I get with my family, and I am grateful for Cuero and the surrounding communities for supporting me through this difficult time. I am blessed.
Thanks again,
Donna Schumacher Thomas and family
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