Have you considered a new fire station?


Dear Editor,
Concerning the needs of the fire department regarding more space for equipment: There is absolutely no doubt this is true, but when it comes to solutions, I would encourage those responsible to “think outside the box”
The city park is a wonderful city asset that should be cherished for what it is, a park. In a perfect world, it would be much more wonderful with attractive, unified and coordinated landscaping, with all walkways restored and the old fish pond as the centerpiece of the park. Of course, as much as I wish it could be possible, all of that may never happen. If I had the means, I would love to make it so. But, it could never happen if the footprint of the fire station is expanded. Few people probably remember (I don’t, but I’ve seen pictures) of a wonderful bandstand that stood where the library is now. If it were possible to rebuild the bandstand, it could never be done unless the library was relocated and the building removed.
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