Wildflowers provide wonderful background for photographs


Dear Editor,
We were fortunate to have a lot of Bluebonnets in our yard this year and a lot of people stopped by to admire them and take pictures.
One lady from Katy stopped by and said it looked like blue water on a lake. One couple from Virginia took photos.
Two teachers from a local school walked 15 children four blocks up the street to take pictures of the children with all the flowers in the background. When they got ready to leave, I clipped each child a stemmed Bluebonnet to take to class.
One couple brought their 2-month-old child, made a small pallet blanket among the flowers and laid the baby on it and took some photos of the child.
We take great pleasure in providing the background of Bluebonnets for the many photographs taken by the people.
Evelyn and Floyd Boedeker
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