Ybarra coordinates DeWitt County's emergency plans


When Rosie Ybarra accepted a job in DeWitt County, she was in for more than she anticipated. From Nordheim to Yoakum and Westhoff to Thomaston, and everything in between, Ybarra coordinates communication between the county’s law enforcement agencies and fire departments. She also coordinates communication between the county and the state.
Ybarra began her career in sales. In 2007, she was out of a job when the company where she worked closed. From there, she considered working in emergency management.
“I loved the field,” Ybarra said. “The more I learned about it, the more I loved it. So I started getting training, went back to school, and became a volunteer for the Red Cross. I learned a lot through the Red Cross.”
Before arriving in DeWitt County, Ybarra worked as a planner at the Texas Division of Emergency Management in Austin.
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