Collins visits Clive Bundy Ranch for speaking engagement


Mark Collins of Yorktown saw first hand the aftermath of the nation-wide coverage of the Clive Bundy ranch standoff just days after the federal government and local law enforcement were ordered to stand down. 
Collins received a call from Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of Oath Keepers. 
Collins said, “He has seen me in several events around the state. He called to see if I would be interested in a speaking engagement at the Bundy ranch on the Constitution.”
Collins arrived that following Thursday.
“By the time I arrived on scene the government agencies and local law enforcement were already gone. All but one. There was only one metro police car in the middle of the road stopping traffic. We were waived right on through. There were trucks removing the portable cow pens for the 400 cattle. That was the only evidence that they were there.”
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