It is beyond a travesty to interfere with an experienced teacher's methods


Dear Editor,
It is bad enough when someone with no classroom teaching experience has the audacity to meddle and interfere with the sanctity of an experienced teacher’s methods and teaching process. When it happens to a teacher well on her way to earning a PhD in industrial engineering, who offers her expertise to provide Cuero High School students an opportunity to take upper-level math and computer-science classes, which are available in only six percent of high schools in the United States, it goes beyond being a mere local travesty.
When it involves a school board member pursuing a petty, personal vendetta, it violates conflict of interest standards and raises legal and ethical questions which need to be thoroughly investigated. This needs to happen sooner rather than later.
I’m pretty sure school teachers automatically go to heaven. I’m also hard-pressed to think of anything more despicable than imposing obstacles and roadblocks to effective teaching above and beyond those already inherent in the task of teaching higher-level math thinking skills to reluctant young minds.
The Cuero community needs to become involved and demand answers. I live in Yorktown and don’t have any kids in Cuero schools, but I spent a long career in education and can’t sit idly by and watch an incredible asset to both your school and community be harassed and insulted.
Alton Mueller
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