Niemeier making fourth trip to state in shot put


There are very few students that can say they are a six time district champ, four time area, regional, and state qualifyer, all in the area of shot put.
When Vickie Niemeier, who prefers to go by the name of Sam, was in 7th grade, Yorktown coach Bruno Mata knew that she was special.
Coach Mata said, “When she came out to shot practice I was showing the basics of how to grab the shot put and how to hold it. At the time we had a 12 pound brass shot put mixed with several 6 lb., 8 lb. and 4k (8.8 pounds) shot puts. Sam reached down and picked up a shot put not realizing that it was the 12 pound brass shot put. When she threw it, it went 28 feet. I asked her, ‘How is your arm?’ She replied that it was okay. She threw it again and it went 28 feet. I told myself, ‘This is one of those events that is once in a lifetime.’”
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