3 arrested after police respond to shots fired

Three men were arrested after officers from the Cuero Police Department were dispatched to the 1000 block of West Church Street in reference to a gunshot being fired. The incident took place at approximately 2:09 p.m. May 5. 

The complainant, a 77-year-old female, told police she was sitting in her living room when a projectile came into her house. The complainant said she was asleep in her living room when she heard a loud explosion. The complainant alerted her brother who discovered the hole in the wall and realized the house had been shot. The complainant was not injured.
The projectile entered the residence near the kitchen and traveled through the kitchen cabinets breaking several dishes. The projectile then exited the cabinet and struck the kitchen window where it shattered. 
While officers were investigating the scene, a projectile hole was noticed in the east wall in the adjacent house, also in the 1000 block of West Church Street, and was visible from the yard of the complainant’s residence. Upon closer inspection, the projectile hole appeared to be fresh due to the splintered wood not appearing weathered. 
Contact was made with the three occupants of the residence. A search warrant for the residence was obtained through the Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Peggy Mayer. 
A projectile hole was found in the dining room east wall approximately five feet from the floor. 
Numerous weapons were seized during the execution of the search warrant including: a Remington 700 rifle with scope, loaded with a live round in the chamber; a Remington 20-gauge shotgun; a Remington model 35; a Smith & Wesson military and police AR–15 rifle with magazine; a 9 mm Ruger P85 pistol with a full clip and a round in the chamber; and a Hi-Point 9 mm pistol. The four long guns were found to be stolen from a location in rural DeWitt County. 
Drugs, narcotics, and paraphernalia seized during the execution of the warrant included crack cocaine, marijuana appearing to be packaged for sale and distribution, alprazolam, hydrocodone, and synthetic marijuana. 
Approximately $1,080 in cash was also seized.
All three subjects, Anthony Austin, 23, of Cuero; Quenton Mathis, 23, of Cuero; and Dedrick Griffin, 19, of Cuero, were placed under arrest and transported to DeWitt County Jail due to the evidence, the contraband located, and the ongoing facts of the investigation.
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