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From an early age -- second grade, to be exact -- new Yorktown Elementary School Principal Sharon Chapman knew she wanted to be a teacher.  “I knew I was going to be a teacher when I was in second grade,” Chapman said, matter of factly.  “We lived across the street from the elementary school.  I had chalkboards set up in the basement.”  
Chapman said she would get neighborhood boys to “dumpster dive” in the school’s disposal bins to find supplies for her little classroom.  “I would play school with my dolls and friends,” she said, adding she had textbooks, workbooks, etc. for her classroom.
But it wasn’t until she was in fifth grade when Chapman knew her teaching calling was for real.  She recalled she was cleaning the chalkboard after school one day and another student was also there, struggling to complete an assignment.  Chapman noticed the teacher told the student to read the instructions on how to complete the paper, not taking the time to explain the instructions. Chapman, knowing the student’s background and seeing how upset he was, timidly went over and with her second grade “background” in teaching, helped him understand the instructions to complete his assignment.
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